Jan Zimmerman Acrylic Artist

After many years of various creative ventures, I discovered the joys of painting. I have been happily painting with acrylics for over 18 years. I've taken courses but am mainly self-taught. Most of my inspiration comes from growing up at Toronto Island where I was surrounded by boats, water, and the natural world.

Years ago at a course I fell in love when we painted an old farm house. Since then, many of my paintings include buildings, often the historic homes in the old Georgetown area.

To add variety to my work, I have been experimenting with abstract painting. Never knowing the end result adds so much excitement to painting in this style. Realism or abstraction, it all comes down to my love of colour and design.

Fly me to the Moon 12x12
Fantasy Garden 12x12
Black & White and Green All Over 12x12
Flower Power 12x12
Hide 'n Seek 24x24
A Fine June Morning 12x12

A little bit of super-bright-fun happy!

Welcome to my website. I hope you see something you love - these were all a joy to create.